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The purpose in writing ‘It’s NOT That Complex’ is based on the  belief that Americans are abandoning their innate ability to form common-sense opinions and act on them as opposed to accepting popular perspectives from the media or others in their social or business circles. This ‘abandonment’ is subtle and regularly defended because it requires a certain amount of effort to step back, analyze issues, identify the real problems and simplify discussions. All too often we watch others debate symptoms and never insist on discussing the underlying problem(s).  We passively accept the analysis of others and retreat into a zone of denial, believing that ‘things can’t be that bad’. We continue to live comfortably without understanding that a new level of proactive, vocal participation is necessary!

With the ever increasing number of information sources confronting us each day, determining which ones are credible and which ones are downright misleading can be an overwhelming task. Combined with the pressures of everyday tasks and responsibilities, it is far too easy to form beliefs and opinions without stopping to analyze which sources are relatively objective and which ones are downright self-serving. I say ‘relatively’ objective because few information sources are truly objective in that their mere existence often depends, to a certain extent, on promoting one viewpoint or another.

This book’s organizational style was designed simply to allow a reader to pick and choose which topics are most relevant or important and read them in any order. The quotes included establish that the ideas I am promoting are not new or original. Most originated long ago from very intelligent folks.  I have also avoided using specific current events or individuals as illustrations (which would have been very easy to do) in the interest of making this book applicable over a long period of time.  

I will undoubtedly be accused of over-simplifying complex issues. While many of these topics may deserve a much longer dissertation, most do not benefit by lengthy debates that overly complicate simple, logical conclusions. My purpose is simply to encourage everyone to think, refuse to accept the opinions of the masses, and stand up for what is logical, right and sensible.  It is the only way our country will find a new and productive direction.

Not a single idea or suggestion in this book is impractical or impossible to apply! In order to be implemented, the recommendations discussed require an open mind, considerable personal effort, and a willingness to accept change. The changes necessary will be painful for some short-term but very beneficial long-term for all. Our future prosperity and security are at stake!

Along with a recognition of these principles is the need for a new breed of leadership – leaders with common sense that are not afraid to speak to unpopular viewpoints and sell the obvious solutions to the masses.

The intelligence and fortitude of in individual citizens can reorient our country and culture. The first step is to identify with these important principles – loudly and passionately!

When it doesn’t make sense, don’t let it stay that way!!

It’s NOT That Complex!